About HSSF

Founded in 1987 as a non-profit organisation, the Hungarian School Sport Federation (HSSF) was established as the key actor in the Hungarian school sport.


  • physical education teachers to use modern educational contents, curriculums and teaching meth¬ods in physical education;
  • the talent management of students;
  • the aims of physical activity promotion among students.
  • to promote social values of volunteering and social inclusion through the role of physical activity, physical education and sport.


  • We are in regular contact with 3,500 pri¬mary and secondary schools and about 8,000 physical education teachers in a country with a population of 10 million;
  • The HSSF is the founder and organizer of the ’Student Olympics’, the largest school-based sport competition system in the country;
  • Nearly one-fifth of the Hungarian elemen¬tary and secondary students (altogether cca. 250,000 students) take part in our events every year;
  • As member of the International School Sport Federation we are committed to international cooperations and focus on building international partnerships, organ¬izing international events. In 2016 the HSSF hosts the World Schools’ Championship in cross-country running.
  • We are contributing to shaping the health and sport policy of the EU;
  • We have serious experiences in developing and implementing European Union funded projects and programs.


  • Physical education is for all children. Therefore, we shall create the opportunity for every child to take part in quality physical education lessons and programs;
  • Regular physical activity must be part of all children’s life. Therefore, the children need to be motivated to live a life rich in physical activities;
  • The aim of sport activities is not only victo¬ry, but joy, eligibility and inclusion. There¬fore, competitive sports cannot be the privi¬lege of only a selected few but we ensure a career path for everyone
  • All types of physical activity and sports are important. Therefore, we promote healthy lifestyle through every form of physical and sport activity.


  • We are the only nationwide sports federa¬tion in the Hungarian public education sys¬tem;
  • Our holistic approach: the first Hungar¬ian sports association that sees physical activities, physical education and sport in schools as the most important tool for promoting health and improve the overall health status of students;
  • We have built a close partnership with the National Institute for Health Development in Budapest;
  • Stable financial background;
  • A vision to enhance and improve our activ¬ity, unique environment for new develop-ments;
  • Dynamic initiatives on a European level.