European School Sport Day 2021 Erasmus+ project started

In February 2021, the European School Sport Day project was launched by brandowners. This year the focus topic “From school space to MOVEment space” will be implemented in participating countries.

The European School Sport Day® (ESSD) is a pan-European initiative with the main objectives to promote sport and health enhancing physical activity at international level and involve as many children and young people, schools and organisations in physical activity programs as possible. ESSD also aims to break down cultural barriers and contribute to social inclusion. By today, with 44 participating countries and almost 3 Million children ESSD has become one of the biggest events of the European Week of Sport.
ESSD is not a lone-standing sport event though. It is supposed to echo and amplify the societal role of sport and thus the events are accompanied by awareness raising campaigns every year. While at previous editions, volunteering, grassroots sport, healthy nutrition, self-esteem and mental health were in the focus of the key messages conveyed by organisers of ESSD in 44 countries, ESSD 2021 especially will be aimed at exploring the topic MOVEment Spaces at school settings.

As first step of project implementation a kick-off meeting was organised in February 2021 with the participation of the key partners, experts and subcontractors (ISCA, EUPEA, BG BE Active, Youth Sport Trust, V4 Sport) to define the timeline and set and discuss our goals and tasks of the upcoming year.

In the next phase a seminar/webinar will be organised for the ESSD coordinators in Spring. During the sessions at the seminar/webinar every information and knowledge will be shared with the participants, including general idea and goals of ESSD and this special edition of 2021 introducing the thematic focus, the structure and content of the Toolkits, communicational tasks for the upcoming months of the campaign, recruiting, organisational, reporting know-how, etc.


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