Talent management through sport (HRDOP-3.2.10)

The project’s main goal is to develop and test innovative methodologies in the Hungarian school sport system. Additionally, HSSF is genuinely in favor of   the introduction of the grassroots sport concept in Hungary and therefore concluded cooperation agreements with a number of sports federations in order to implement in-service teacher training programs based on curriculum developments applicable to everyday physical education.

The didactical repertoire of PE teachers participating in the training were significantly expanded by focusing on soft handball, grassroots football, martial arts based on the basics of judo, volleyball, floorball and karate related movement skills, sport techniques and tactical components, all from a multisport aspect. By using the new games, drills and methodologies not only quality of PE lessons can become more diverse but also school sport programmes can be reframed based on the new philosophy.

This is the reason why HSSF was organizing grassroots sport events all over Hungary

since May 2018, with the main goal of not only promoting the WHO recommendation of

60 minutes moderate and vigorous daily physical activity between age of 5 and 17, and how

school sport can help reach that, but also its traditional role of talent detection and development. Since the participating PE teachers acquire the competence to organize and implement such grassroots festivals on school level, they also pick up good practices, methods and tools useful for their daily work , it is thought to set the foundations and pave the way for the renewal of the Hungarian student sports and the Student Olympics®.

In addition to that a new quality mark system is being developed and tested – similarly to international Erasmus+ project Eu-PALS, but tailored to Hungarian schools –, which focuses on the schools’ relation and activities towards school P.A., school sport and PE,  quality of local collaborations. Six schools were selected from completely different backgrounds coming from the less developed areas of Hungary. The project aimed to create an environment around the selected schools which motivates the setting up of cluster of organizations that connect all participants, including stakeholders, involved in the health-enhancement of children.

In order to fulfil these goals HSSF provided support for principals, teachers, especially

PE teachers.

Last but not least, HSSF delivered the development of the skill-oriented, performance-related fitness assessment system (X-fit), which contrary to the NETFIT® but based on the its foundations, provides an opportunity to examine skill-oriented components of fitness, identifying sport talents, also taking the age specific characteristics of children and their different biological maturations into account.


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