About the conference

The Hungarian School Sport Federation (HSSF) will organize and host the HIPE 2014 (Hungarian International Conference on Physical Education) in Budapest between16 and 18 September 2014.

HSSF is the largest youth organization in Hungary, operating successfully for decades, and its philosophy is based on establishing the opportunity for all children to participate in physical education classes and physical activities beyond school physical education.

Our Federation believes that physical education and physical activity shall not be the privilege of the most talented: quality physical education must be the way to incorporate daily exercise as organic part of children’s life.

In accordance with this basic principle, we launch the HIPE international conference in September, hoping to create a tradition by that.

HSSF’s primary goal is to present the common areas of physical activity, health protection and educational science, and to explore the perspectives of quality physical education, school fitness assessment and evaluation systems as well as volunteer school exercise programs on both national and international level.

In the area of school physical education and health protection exercises, HSSF created a unique development in the frame of a priority European Union project. The results and the possible applications of this innovative work will be revealed for the participants of the event at first hand. We truly believe that these outcomes will meet with a vivid response both on the European and the American continent, further the conference participants will also benefit from these experiences.

At the conference the latest American, European and Hungarian scientific outputs will be shared and presented by prominent and widely recognized, national and international representatives of the specific profession field and the departmental policy, through presentations and round-table discussions. Beyond the official program, HIPE 2014 also provides excellent opportunity for informal networking and personal consultations.

We are honored to welcome the experts, policy-makers and stakeholders of the European Union and Hungary, the representatives of the most prominent local and international organizations (among others EUPEA, WHO HEPA, ISCA, FIEP), professors and researchers from leading universities, and last but not least, we kindly welcome the founder of the world-famous The Cooper Institute® from Texas, U.S., dr. Kenneth Cooper, and the experts of The Cooper Institute®. The achievement of the cooperation between HSSF and The Cooper Institute® is NETFIT® (Hungarian National School Children Fitness Test), created in partnership, which will be introduced here to the professional audience for the first time in its scientific complexity, with the active participation of both parties.

We warmly welcome you to join us for the 3-day professional discussion on 16 September in the heart of Europe in our wonderful capital, Budapest!