Dr. László Molnár

Strategic Director, HSFF
Growth and health development in Europe until 2020 and beyond
17 September 2014, 9:20–10:00

Economic growth is one of the key targets of EU policies to be implemented during the next seven years, and one of the main instruments to achieve growth is to increase employment. As a consequence, key competencies necessary to Life Long Learning will remain of an outstanding importance in the future. However, previsions related to secure and sustainable pension trends show that EU Member States should prepare to deal with the fact that children, young people and young adults will have to remain in the labour market for a longer period than the actual employees.
This means that preventive health policy should be highlighted even more on both European and national level, with special regards to the sectorial encouragement of health-enhancing physical activity.

In base of the analysis of EU regulations and of the acquis communautaire it should be possible to

  • compare the EU 2020 strategy and the concept of health-enhancing physical activity, especially identifying the measures deriving from priority objectives and key issues
  • evaluate the current legal instruments, especially the frame references related to key competences, the European Qualification Framework and sport-related EU policies, from the point of view of actuality
  • indicate the potential solutions that may allow the financing of such measures

Results – consequences

    An intersectoral strategy related to (public) education and sport should be defined on a national level, indicating the main issues and guaranteeing their coherence. Decisions should be made in the below fields:

  • which are the most important measures that should be implemented efficiently on both EU and national levels;
  • whether it is necessary to modify the frame reference of key competencies necessary to achieve lifelong learning, and if yes, on which levels should it be performed; as well as
  • what measuring and monitoring methods should be developed on national or EU level in order to analyse the indices related to the health-consciousness of European citizen, especially in the field of (public) education.