Dear visitor,

balogh-gaborWe feel honored to welcome you to the international conference on quality physical education organized by the Hungarian School Sport Federation.

We prepare and organize this conference in September for the first time, filled with excitement and anticipation. We are hoping to create a traditional event which will earn recognition and strong impact on local and international level equally.

Our trust and hope is based on the fact that at HIPE 2014 we will present those pioneer and innovative developments we elaborated in 2013/2014 as the main scope of a huge EU priority project. The daily physical education, the health protecting physical activity and the NETFIT® system (Hungarian National School Children Fitness Test), created in partnership an achieved with The Cooper Institute®,  are developments that are unique in the continent and beyond Europe as well. NETFIT® will be introduced here to the professional audience for the first time in its scientific complexity, together with the active participation of both parties.

We are honored to welcome the experts, policy-makers and stakeholders of the European Union and Hungary, the representatives of the most prominent local and international organizations (among others EUPEA, WHO HEPA, ISCA, FIEP), professors and researchers from leading universities, and last but not least, we kindly welcome the founder of the world-famous Cooper Institute from Texas, U.S., dr. Kenneth Cooper, and the experts of The Cooper Institute®.

We are all very much looking forward to welcoming you to Budapest on 16 September 2014! We kindly invite you to join us for the 3-day professional discussion in our wonderful Hungarian capital!


Gábor Balogh
Hungarian School Sport Federation