Játssz TE IS! AWARD CEREMONY in KISNÁNA, with the “SZENTIMRÉSEK” school group


In 2015 with the support of the International Sport and Culture Association (and in the frame of ISCA’s Move Transfer Program) the Hungarian School Sport Federation (HSSF) declared the Játssz TE IS! (in translation: UPlay) tender for all those Hungarian primary and secondary schools who had not been involved in the TE IS program before. The main aim of the tender was to disseminate to a wilder network the approach of the TE IS Program which had been elaborated by the HSSF. In this tender the HSSF asked the students of all primary and secondary schools to create an exciting and playful project in their school using their own skills and creativeness.


During the spring of 2016 the HSSF organised Játssz TE IS! days in three of their winning game creator groups’ schools – namely in Dunakeszi, Kalocsa and Kisnána. You can read more about the Játssz TE IS! day in Kalocsa and Dunakeszi here.

The prize of the game creator groups was a Játssz TE IS! day. On these days in the organisation of the HSSF the winning groups and their classmates could meet, play and do some sport activities with tree of our world champions. Of course Kitti Szász (4-time freestyle football World Champion), Adrienn Bánhegyi (World Champion skipping rope performing artist) and János Karancz (National-, European, and World yo-yo Champion) had not arrived with empty hands, they brought sport equipment, balls, skipping ropes and yo-yo for the children. Naturally these gifts were part of the rewards as well.


On the Játssz TE IS! day in Kisnána one of the specialities was the location itself, the Castle of Kisnána, which is one of the most beautiful remains of late-Medieval noble residences. The castle had contributed not only with its beauty to the game day, but its special location could give an opportunity to welcome the students with more exciting game islands.



Due to the hospitality of the Kisnána Primary School not just the winning school’s pupils, but the groups of the nearby schools and kindergartens could be part of the common games and actions. Moreover the local non-governmental organizations contributed to the proceeding of the successful games and the warm hospitality.


But the real leading role belonged to the members of the game creator group, to the ‘Szentimrések’, who showed their own creativeness and many-sides not just in their tender, but in practice as well.

We would like to say thank you to the students and teachers of Kisnána Primary School for making Játssz TE IS! day into a vivid and valuable event and thank you for all the applications of all the game creator groups.


Every colleagues of the Hungarian School Sport Federation would like to congratulate to the winners!

Click here for the photos of the Játssz TE IS! day in Kisnána.


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