TE IS Program nominated as European best practice

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The International Sport And Culture Association announces on a yearly basis its MOVE Transfer Program, a program that aims to involve as many as possible people from the so-called hard to reach populations (members of minorities, people living in severe or extreme poverty, disabled persons) in physical activity programs. When pursuing this goal, ISCA selects best practices and supports the scale up of these initiations with its expertise and financial resources as well.

Nine European best practices have been selected in the frame of this year’s program, the “TE IS” program of Hungarian School Sport Federation (HSSF) among them, a pilot program that developed the basis of student sport volunteering in Hungary. The program has been officially launched in September 2014 with the participation of 144 schools from different disadvantaged regions, all of them maintained by Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Centre (KLIK). As a result of the dedication of KLIK’s leadership, the operation of the program seems to be ensured at least in the short term.

Throughout the program’s duration of ten months we will have the opportunity to present the basic principles and methodology of TE IS to other participating organisations in the program. By sharing our experiences and working together with European partners we will be able to learn from other best practices and further develop TE IS program.

By participating in the MOVE Transfer Program, HSSF aims to increase the visibility of the program and the number of the participating schools teachers and students significantly, thereby bringing physical activity into the lives of some of the least active groups in society. We are convinced that by pursuing these goals, the program also contributes to the objectives of social inclusion as well.

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